ClearView LifeSolutions Total Permanent Disability Cover

ClearView offers four types of Total Permanent Disability insurance under its LifeSolutions product range. These are 'own occupation', 'any occupation', 'home duties' and 'non working' TPD. This provides unemployed or retired people with a valuable opportunity to buy TDP Cover, as in many cases this type of insurance is only available to people in regular employment.

There is also a LifeSolutions Accidental TPD policy available which only covers you for a disability caused by injury.

You can make a claim under your TPD Cover if you meet the definition of 'disabled' which applies to your type of policy. You can use the lump sum payment for any purpose to help you adapt to your new circumstances or protect your financial independence. LifeSolutions Total Permanent Disability Cover also offers partial payments of up to 25% for specific conditions such as losing a limb or the sight in one eye.

You can buy your ClearView TPD insurance as a standalone policy or link it to your LifeSolutions Life Cover. ClearView's standalone TPD insurance includes a $10,000 death benefit which is payable if you die without having made a claim on your policy. If you link your TPD and life insurances then any claim you make under TPD cover will reduce the amount of your death benefits, although ClearView does offer a 'buy back benefit' so you may have the option to reinstate it.

There are a number of extras built into LifeSolutions TPD Cover at no extra cost. These include an 'accommodation benefit' which contributes towards the accommodation costs of a family member coming to look after you for up to 30 days, if you are injured or taken ill more than 100kms from home. There is also a 'Day 1 TPD' clause for certain severe medical conditions, which waives the 3 month qualifying period and may pay you an immediate benefit to cover your up-front costs.

For full details of the ClearView LifeSolutions range of life insurance products you can download the Product Disclosure Statement here.

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