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As an athlete you know that your own body is your most valuable resource. Your livelihood depends on your health and your earning potential is well worth protecting. Some insurance policies may not be available to professional athletes, because of the high risk that you will suffer an injury. However, there are still several life insurance options which could help you safeguard your future.

  • Athletes' earnings can be very inconsistent, which means it may not be possible to take out an income protection policy. However, you may be able to take out cover if you receive regular sponsorship income. It is very likely that your policy would exclude any injuries you might suffer during training or competing, but you may still be able to buy insurance for illnesses or unrelated accidents.
  • The longer you are out of training, the greater the impact on your career, so if you do suffer an illness you'll need access to rehabilitation facilities. Many insurance companies offer a wide range of free services, including physical and psychological therapies, to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.
  • Trauma policies offer a lump sum payment if you suffer one of a list of critical illnesses or injuries, such as cancer, heart attack or loss of a limb. You can make a claim under one of these policies even if you are still able to compete after the trauma event, and your physical condition and healthy lifestyle may qualify you for lower premiums. If an illness or injury should put an end to your career then a trauma payout could help you to adjust your lifestyle or retrain for a new vocation.

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