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Whether you are a sole trader, co-owner in a small partnership, or a major shareholder in a larger company, your business is a very valuable asset. Continuity planning and insurance are essential for any successful enterprise and you probably already have a range of policies in place to protect your business and property against physical and economic threats. Life insurance can provide an extra level of protection to keep your business operating smoothly if something happens to you or an important member of your team.

  • Business life insurance options include key person, loan protection and business overheads cover. Which policies you need will depend on how your business is structured, how high your operating expenses are and what type of financing you have. Buy / sell or shareholder protection policies can help you keep ownership of your business if something happens to one of your partners.
  • As well as thinking about how life insurance can help your business, you should consider your personal insurance options. Whether you need to pay a mortgage, provide for your family or fund your retirement, personal life insurance can help you protect your future against illness or injury.
  • If you manage your own superannuation you may be able to take advantage of tax benefits by holding your life insurance through your SMSF. With careful structuring you may be able to improve your insurance benefits or lower your premiums without restricting your access to any lump sum payouts. It’s essential that you get expert advice before setting up insurance through your SMSF as there can be some pitfalls.

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