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Insurance options for doctors, dentists, nurses and other medical professionals

Becoming a qualified medical professional takes an incredible amount of training and dedication. In return you can expect a lifetime of higher-than-average earnings, which makes your career an extremely valuable asset. There are several reasons why life insurance could be important for you.

  • Some underwriters offer dedicated insurance packages with additional benefits and options specifically designed for medical professionals. These specialised policies don't just apply to doctors, nurses and paramedics – they are available to people in a wide range of medical occupations including dentists, midwives, radiologists, ophthalmologists and many others.
  • If your long years of study have left you with large debts to pay off then insurance could be vital, so that you can still make repayments, or completely clear your debts, if you find yourself unable to work.
  • Many medical practitioners are self-employed or are co-owners of a practice. If you have a share in the business you work in and being unable to work would have a serious impact on the income of your practice, then you should consider the range of business life insurance options.
  • If you are just starting out and can expect large salary increases as your career progresses, some insurers will acknowledge this 'income trajectory' and allow you to insure a higher amount than you are currently earning. This can save you the hassle of having to regularly adjust your policy as your earnings rise.
  • As a skilled medical specialist, it's likely that you couldn't earn the same amount of money if you had to do a different job, so you should consider taking out an 'own occupation' TPD policy which recognises this.
  • The nature of your work means you run much a higher risk of infection with serious diseases than most people. If you were to contract HIV or Hepatitis it could damage or even end your career, even though you may still be physically capable of working. 'Needlestick' benefit is a specialised add-on to trauma or TPD policies which pays a lump sum if you contract certain blood borne diseases through an accident or injury at work.

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