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You've spent a long time learning your skills and the payback should be a good wage for many years to come. But what if something happens and suddenly you can't work? You may already be insuring your tools and vehicle, but your livelihood is even more worth protecting. There are several types of life insurance which could help you safeguard everything you've worked for.

  • It's likely that your work is physically demanding, and you sometimes put your body under a lot of strain. No matter how careful you are there's always the risk of a worksite accident and even a small injury could stop you working for several weeks. Even if you get workers' compensation it's probably not going to be enough to pay all your bills. A regular payout under an income protection policy could tide you over so you can rest properly and get back to work more quickly.
  • Many skilled tradesmen, including plumbers, electricians, carpenters and builders, are self-employed, with a business to think of as well as living expenses. If you get sick and can't work the business overheads won't drop with your income, and you may even have to pay someone to finish your contracts if you are unable to do the work yourself. There are several types of life insurance which could help you keep your business afloat, including business expenses, loan protection and key person cover.
  • If you suffer from a more serious injury or illness you might never be able to work in your trade again. It's important to consider an 'own occupation' TPD policy, since it's likely that you wouldn't be able to earn as much money if you had to switch to a different trade where you don't have the same level of skill and experience.

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